Top social Amazon Alexa skills (US+UK October 2019)

Amazon Alexa market Social Top skills

The top skills in this category show how “social” can be interpreted to mean different things.

  • Mastermind and Ask My Buddy: Allow users to interact with friends and family.
  • Damn Girl and How To Say I Love You: Help/simulate interpersonal interactions.
  • Tube Buddy: For social media.
  • Cat Facts and Call Handler: For people who don’t like social interactions! (Joking… I am a loving cat dad)

There’s an opportunity for someone to build a skill that reports on daily stats from multiple social media platforms. Something along the lines of what what Tube Buddy’s random review asks for.

???????? Mastermind by Convessa, Inc. – 4.2 out of 5, 1519 ratings, 1232 reviews

Mastermind lets you send SMS text messages & emails, initiate phone calls, ring your phone, share your location, search for places, search the web, launch Google Maps navigation, access apps on your phone, get your calendar and much more.
Random review: One request please. I leave my echo signed in to my Amazon account at all times; however, when I’m not at home, I don’t want other people to have access to my text messages. Would it be possible have an enable/disable button in The Mastermind Android app that could be disabled when we leave home either manually or automatically based on location? (5 out of 5)

???????? Ask My Buddy by Beach.Dev – 4.6 out of 5, 641 ratings, 630 reviews

Ask My Buddy helps you ask for assistance using only your voice – and – makes it easy to let your contacts know you are doing ok.

Random review: I haven’t had to use this in an emergency, but I have run a couple tests and the system has worked as hoped. Set up was incredibly easy.
While it isn’t a factor on the Alexa app, I have to say that the development team is excellent. After setting up on my Echo Dot I contacted the development team about using it on my PC and they were right there explaining what I had missed in the set up. They have followed up twice with me checking if I have questions on either device. You don’t usually get service this good for paid apps!
I have two conditions that make me prone to falls, but neither one is severe enough for my insurer to pay for a traditional emergency button. Although Ask My Buddy isn’t the same as a  911 service, it does take some of the fear away from my being alone. Especially at night when I am tired and most afraid to fall.
Finally, if like me, you can’t afford the subscription service, consider making a one time donation to the team. It costs them money to run this and, unlike the games we all play daily, there are no in app ads here. (5 out of 5)

???????? Life360 by Life360 – 4.4 out of 5, 1027 ratings, 81 reviews

Life360 is a smartphone app used by over 50 million people around the world to keep their families safe, together, and in sync.  If you add your favorite places – like home, work, or school – Alexa will also give you notifications of when they come and go.
Random review: I really have enjoyed this skill. Life 360 does a great job tracking the family. If you could add the ability to edit what notifications we receive on alexa that would be awesome. Right now it sends every single one so any time you leave or arrive at any place you get a notification. The ability to control that would be great! (4 out of 5)

???????? Damn Girl by Alexi Stavang – 4.3 out of 5, 308 ratings, 43 reviews

This skill provides compliments to brighten your day, make you feel beautiful, and bring out your natural stunning smile!
Random review: Would be great to hear a dude’s voice heaping all the compliments instead. (4 out of 5)

???????? How to Say I Love You by SkillsDev – 4 out of 5, 289 ratings, 0 reviews

Are you looking for different ways to express your love? or just want to spice up that love message?  Besides saying “I love you”, this “How to Say I Love You” skill is to help you to express your love in different but meaningful and heart-touching ways.  Your loved one will hear and feel your message surely and clearly.  Start to use this skill now.

???????? TubeBuddy by TubeBuddy – 4.3 out of 5, 37 ratings, 4 reviews

This Alexa Skill provides real-time statistics and information related to your YouTube channel.
Random review: Easily installed and linked and it does what it does but doesn’t actually do much at all.
My subscriber count
The basic stats on my most recent upload
The top 3 headlines from Youtube
And that’s all, it would be much more interesting if it could offer data on even the simplest of Youtube’s analytics, like your most watched, most popular, subscriber count progress, basic demographics. Considering what TubeBuddy can do I was expecting a lot more functionality. (2 out of 5)

???????? Kids Karaoke by Sonnar Interactive LTD – 4.2 out of 5, 30 ratings, 29 reviews

First Karaoke for kids with many songs in two versions: with vocals and instrumental.
Random review: kids love it (5 out of 5)

???????? Cat Facts by UNKNOWN – 4.1 out of 5, 94 ratings, 17 reviews

If you love cats or want to know more about catss this is ther perfect Alexa app. This app curates the list of all Cat Facts on the internet. When you invoke ‘Cat Facts’ app, Alexa will tell you a fact on Cats.
Random review: Quite depressing facts such as: “cats were once burned alive at medieval festivals” and “cats get cancer just like humans”. Interesting for me, but may not be so good for children and sensitive animal lovers. (3 out of 5)

???????? Call Handler by laldy – 4.2 out of 5, 29 ratings, 14 reviews

Call Handler rejects unwanted phone calls for you.  It also play ‘on hold’ music – just like an expensive phone system, allowing you to step away from calls to find a pen and paper (or just make coffee!).
Random review: Really useful if you get a lot of pester calls I like that It can email me a manual! (5 out of 5)

???????? Do You Love Me ? by Varun Singh – 4.1 out of 5, 107 ratings, 0 reviews

This skill tells you if Alexa loves you or not. Try your Luck !! It also asks you to Bless yourself.

???????? Super Nanny by Talk To Me – 4 out of 5, 62 ratings, 2 reviews

Super Nanny helps you find fun activities that will keep your kids busy all afternoon.
Random review: Just checked this out great fun my son ran straight for what was said (5 out of 5)