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Ring by Ring : 1 star, 1161 people found useful.

Simply, make Alexa sound a doorbell chime, you MISSED it!!! Fix it. November 26th, 2017
Seriously, with Echo and Dot throughout the house, the most simple skill would be to make Alexa sound a doorbell chime when someone pushes the button. How did someone miss this? I know they make a remote door chime for $27.99, but for larger houses having Alexa simply be able to sound a doorbell chime would be ideal.

7-Minute Workout by Pargee: 4 stars, 740 people found useful.

Need a Senior Version! October 2th, 2016
This is a great workout. But I am a senior and many of the exercises aren’t appropriate. Can we expect a senior version? I hope so.

Headspace: Guided Meditation for Everybody by Headspace: 3 stars, 699 people found useful.

Rough Ending January 22nd, 2018
I’ve been playing around with different Alexa skills that can help me transition to sleep. Headspace’s bed time meditation is a wonderful exercise, guiding me into the comfort of my bed and helping me release my thoughts into dreamland. However, just as I had done so and dozed off I was startled awake by a energetic advertisement for the Headspace app. Now I don’t mind advertisements, but I do think that it was quite discouraging to hear one as I am relishing in the product of my meditation. I would much rather hear the advertisement prior to my meditation experience.

Sleep and Relaxation Sounds by Voice Apps, LLC.: 4 stars, 633 people found useful.

Decent Sounds March 17th, 2017
“This is a decent skill to enable for Echo. Upon opening up you can ask Echo to list the sounds however she reads them so fast it can be difficult to keep track. I’ve compiled that full list below as of March 17, 2017. This skill needs some work as once you open it you need to issue it the direct name of the sound you want immediately it asks “”What can I do for you?””. Otherwise it will look for a band by that name to shuffle music for. It also does not really have the capability to switch between sounds, you will need to tell Echo to open sleep sounds each time and name the sound you wish to switch to.
List of Sounds:
Beautiful Dream – Electronic piano music, soft, slow and slightly sad. Personally I enjoyed this sound.
Brown Noise – Sounds like you’re sitting next to an industrial intake fan
City Rain – Moderate steady rain with slight drips on pavement
Heartbeat – Plays a heartbeat at approximately 80 bpm with slight tempo variations
Heavy Rain – Sounds more like loud static white noise
Jungle Night – Crickets, birds, insects, and some other wild animals. One of my favorites.
Mountain Lake – Lapping water that sounds like waves from the wake of a boat. Cuts in and out.
Ocean – Moderate wave sounds, slight white noise quality to background
Rain – Sounds like ‘City Rain’
Relax –
Sleep Little Babies
Small Lake
Swish Massage
White Noise
Wind Chimes
Fireplace – Fast fireplace crackle, short loop that cuts in and out.
Music Box
Forest Birds

Ring by Ring: 4 stars, 597 people found useful.

Ring Alarm August 24th, 2017
You can now add smart home switches to ring alarm base station,but they dont show up in alexa app and dont have voice control. would be a great addition.

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