Analysis of the Australian Amazon Alexa marketplace (June 2020)

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Despite having Amazon Alexa since February 2018, the Australian market is still relatively underdeveloped. It’s also a market that has some odd inconsistencies. Take a look at the tables below to better understand what is popular and unique about the Australian Amazon Alexa marketplace.

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Data at a glance*

Date: June 25th, 2020
Skills (excluding Flash Briefings): 23 238
Flash briefings: 968
Skills exclusive to Australia: 472

*these numbers may not represent all skills on this marketplace

Top skills

Hot takes

???? The skills in the Australian market don’t have many reviews or ratings compared to the Canadian market (both were launched around the same time).
???? The popular could probably be bigger in other markets (where it’s available), but having .au in its skill name makes it seem like “an Australia thing”.
???? Sound skills aren’t nearly as reviewed or rated as in the US, UK, or Canadian markets.

IconSkillDeveloperInvocationDescriptionRating countRatingReview count

Only in Australia

Hot takes

???? Petrol Check Australia is a great use case for Alexa adding value in vehicles.
???? The citizenship test prep skill is an interesting concept that could be ported to other countries.
???? Users like the concept of NextThere on Alexa, but have issues with the execution, which is unfortunate since NextThere is a very popular phone app.

IconSkillDeveloperInvocationDescriptionRating countRatingReview count

Flash Briefings

Hot takes

???? The Amazon Weather skill isn’t very good. Apparently this is because of its data source.
???? Only 68 Flash Briefings (the ones in the table) have at least 1 rating. This represents 10% of all Flash Briefings.
???? The Australian Flash Briefing market is still underdeveloped. There are no well-liked and often rated Flash Briefings.

IconSkillDeveloperDescriptionRating countRatingReview countRandom review

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