Analysis of the Indian Amazon Alexa marketplace (June 2020)

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129 million Indians speak English, making it the second-largest English speaking country in the world. It’s also home to 692 million Hindi speakers, which is now an Amazon Alexa supported language. India is also home to a very active Alexa developer community. Take a look at their Alexa skill market below.

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Data at a glance*

Date: June 24th, 2020
Skills (excluding Flash Briefings): 27 298
Flash briefings: 1 198
Skills exclusive to India: 8 565

*these numbers may not represent all skills on this marketplace

Top skills

Hot takes

???? Top skills are less about toilet humour than other markets (US, UK, CA).
???? None of the top 500 most rated skills are in Hindi.
???? Several top skills are similar to top skills from other markets, but by different developers.

IconSkillDeveloperInvocationDescriptionRating countRatingReview count

Only in India

Hot takes

???? The most popular Indian exclusive skill, Pay with Alexa”, is an interesting and extremely useful use case for voice.
???? Only 14 of the top 500 most rated skills are in Hindi.
???? Many of these skills that are culturally specific to India might find an audience with the 2.4 million Indian immigrants residing in the US looking for a way to bring Indian culture in their home.

IconSkillDeveloperInvocationDescriptionRating countRatingReview count

Flash Briefings

Hot takes

???? Besides Premier Kitchen, which talks about new cookware, India’s most rated Flash Briefings aren’t very well rated.
???? Only 143 Flash Briefings (the ones in the table) have at least 1 rating. This represents 12% of all Flash Briefings.
???? There are no Hindi Flash Briefings with at least one rating.

IconSkillDeveloperDescriptionRating countRatingReview countRandom review

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