Alexa skills to help you work from home (April 2020)

Amazon Alexa market Analysis

Working from home is hard. Having an Alexa device by your side can make it easier.

Take a look at these reviews from 4 completely different skills that I found by searching “work from home” in the Skill database. These skills fulfill very different functions to help people work from home:

  • Foster positive mental health
  • Encourage physical activity
  • Create a productive work environment
  • Provide a useful tool

Skills developers thinking about building a “work from home” should keep these general themes in mind. It’s also worth thinking about the possible negative repercussions of doing creative work with an Alexa device.

I Love My Thoughts and the affirmations.  I work from home and this is such a positive way to begin my day and to take a break.  I would recommend this to everyone!

MyThoughts by NTP

I work from home sometimes so I am able to take power hour nap hour. I now use this app and it’s a much better, doable workout.

5-Minute Plank Workout by

I work from home and it helps break the silence with non distracting background noise

Office sounds by 123456

Brilliantly useful skill! This one does a little bit of everything. It is extremely fun and simple to use for looking up just about any word-related thing. For example, getting definitions, example usages of a word, translations, and more. There is even a word of the day and quote of the day feature for when I want a little bit of inspiration. It seems like it was built to help people who work from home, so there are some features I don’t actually use like creating and tracking projects, but it is really useful to be able to add and lookup calendar events. Definitely one of the most powerful skills I’ve seen. It makes spreadsheets for you to track what it does, so if you look up translations you can see them directly on the spreadsheet as soon as they show up. This is actually a cool way of bridging the gap between voice and text, because it makes the voice lookup functionality a lot more useful.Check this skill out. You won’t regret it!

Word Hacks by LC Publishing