Discovering great skills for homeschooling (April 2020)

Amazon Alexa market Analysis

Parents are suddenly finding themselves needing to home-school their children. This can feel overwhelming, especially for parents that need to work from home and have no experience with homeschooling.

There are many great educational Alexa skills. How can you find skills that other parents find useful and they specifically good for homeschool?

I searched the (now shut-down) Voice Market Data database for skill reviews that contain the keyword “homeschool”. This brought up 6 reviews for 6 skills.

Here are 3 skills that are vouched for by parents that will help you home-school your children:

We love this one for homeschooling!

for Amazon Math by Amazon

Having these nature sounds playing during the day, helps my homeschoolers to relax and focus!  I love the Nature Sounds by Amazon!

for Sleep Sounds: Rainforest Sounds by Voice Apps, LLC.

We hope you like it! 5.0 This is my favorite skill ever!!! My kids have yet to get sick of it! They love it! No more nagging from me for them to get ready! We homeschool but I still use this for them to get up and dressed and ready for the day.

For Out the Door by Avichay Libeskind Mulyan

These skills are just the start of how you can use your Alexa device to support your kids as they learn from home. There is a whole category with thousands of skills dedicated to education. However, reading reviews can help you find skills that other parents find useful.